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December 11 2013: Added Christmas 2013 day pictures/ updated night pictures

     December 9 2013: Website update/ redesign  

   December 9 2013: Added Christmas 2013 pictures     

                                    Here are my latest Airblown Inflatables!


            7ft Snowman                                         12ft Snowmen                                           8ft Toy Soldier              

Christmas 2013 pictures are available now in the Christmas Tab!!
Halloween 2013 we sadly lost due to computer crash :(. Sorry about that.. 

Welcome to Tom's Airblown World! My displays are the biggest in the my area! Ranging from Halloween to Easter. See all my amazing displays by me, a 19 year old college kid. Before I decorated for almost every holiday, but recently have scaled down to just Halloween and Christmas, which have and always will be my biggest displays! All of my previous displays can be viewed in the tabs above! I do not just do Airblown Inflatables, I also do lights! Colored to clear, bushes to roof. I also do a few small blow molds.

At the age of 14 my mom bought me an Airblown for our yard, and now I can't stop collecting!! At one point I had as much as 41 Airblowns! Recently I have scaled down to 19 Airblowns though. 

All my displays are big and great. I breathe  Airblowns and live Airblowns. I love Airblowns. I bet you are wondering what keeps me going? Well having a great Hobby is just fun, you always stick to stuff you like. I also do it for the kids. Seeing the smiles from the kids makes me so happy. Enjoy all my displays! Don't forget to come and see them in real life. They are always better!! Interested in seeing them? Well email me at for more info!

Enjoy all my displays!

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